Motorola TLK 25

WiFi Device

Motorola TLK 25 Wi-Fi Wearable Communications Device

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Today, exceptional guest experiences are no longer a luxury—they are a requirement. However, with staffing shortages and high turnover rates, delivering high-quality, personalized experiences has become more difficult.

These and other challenges cannot be addressed without the most important and pressing guarantee—the safety of your guests and staff.

Communicate and operate confidently with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, a wearable WAVE PTX device that expands your capabilities beyond push-to-talk and doesn’t limit your range. Compact, powerful, rugged, and equipped with an intuitive voice assistant for seamless communications, the TLK 25 Wi-Fi is designed for ease of use, efficiency and safety. Access a communications, management and safety ecosystem in a small, intelligent device connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Meet WAVE PTX’s first wearable device

Sleek | Smart | Safe

Access a safety and management ecosystem with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, equipped with emergency features and interoperable with TLK, MOTOTRBO and WAVE PTX solutions. Reduce efforts with its Intuitive Voice Assistant, which carries out all key device functions. Communicate over your existing Wi-Fi networks using the TLK 25’s full-front PTT button. With a sleek form factor, TLK 25 Wi-Fi is a compact device containing a powerful technology ecosystem.

Nationwide Coverage

Intelligent connection in a discreet package

Seamlessly communicate using TLK 25 Wi-Fi’s full-front push-to-talk(PTT) button. Quickly understand device status by glancing at its dual LED indicators. IP67 rated, TLK 25 is sleek and rugged, and its 12-hour embedded battery guarantees full shift operations. TLK 25 Wi-Fi also eliminates external speakers and mics, so customers and other employees remain undisturbed. Its included earpiece enhances audio and operational experiences, featuring dedicated PTT, voice assistant and mute functions.

Communicate and operate confidently with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, a WAVE PTX device that expands your capabilities beyond push-to-talk. Compact, powerful and equipped with an intuitive voice assistant, the TLK 25 is designed for ease of use and efficiency.

TLK 25 Accessories

TLK 25 Two-Way Radio Accessories

Further improve your organization's flexibility with the TLK 25’s accessory offerings. The TLK 25 is compatible with a variety of accessories from earpieces and headphones to badge clips, power supplies and holsters, so you can find the product that works best for you and your workforce.

  • Audio accessories feature easy hands-free communication
  • Batteries and chargers keep your radios functioning at all times
  • Carry accessories provide comfort, convenience and protection
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